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Car of the Day: All new 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

The all new SLS AMG Roadster has been unveiled. Beautiful car, might be even better looking than the coupe…Hi-Res photos below, enjoy.

Photo Credits to Mercedes Benz


New Aston Martin Zagato special to be unveiled at Villa d’Este

Zagato has been known for creating beautiful cars, and once again the partnership between Zagato and Aston Martin comes together again. The first collaboration between the two companies started 40 years ago, starting with the DB4 GT, then the V8 Vantage Zagato, following with the DB7 Zagato and DB-AR1. Not much details were released, but without doubt it will be a spotlight star at Vila d’Este.

Car of the Day: Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0

Behold, the very last 997 variant ever, Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0. How extreme will this final hurrah of the 997 series be? The photos will speak for itself.

Photo credits: Jalopnik and Porsche

Car of the Day: Scion FRS

Just released a few hours ago, the all new concept from Scion. Personally I would think that Scion would dilute the design from the other FT’s but turns out to be much better than anticipated. Can’t wait for the production version, hopefully at least 80% of the design from here will be carried over!

Credits to

Car of the Day: Radical SR3 RS Limited

When someone mentions a light weight supercar, usually British manufacturers Ariel and Radical come to their minds. Now, the automaker Radical has unveiled the SR3 RS to celebrate its 10th anniversary. . Its list of features include a spares package for spares of normal and rain tires, trackday exhaust silencer (helpful when going to tracks with strict noise pollution regulations), gigantic vented disc brakes behind center-lock wheels, newly developed and highly aerodynamic diffuser, special gelcoat paint in red, yellow or orange , along with matte-black graphics for the “competition” look.

Photo Credits to Autoblog

Friday Spotlight: Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package

$375,000. 9 years of planning, limited edition run of 500 units. The Lexus LFA was arguably the pinnacle of automotive engineering in the amount of technology and carbon fiber used in a supercar. Now the Nurburgring Package is out, limited to just 50 units within a of total of 500 LFA’s made.

With an extra 10 horsepower, re-tuned transmission, shortened gearshifts, new carbon fiber splitter, carbon fiber canards, and a new carbon fiber rear wing, along with a set of exclusive BBS wheels specifically designed for the car. Adding up the new parts, along with training sessions at the Nurburgring and other fantastic things included in the package, the base price jumps to a staggering $445,000.

Hi-Res Gallery below.

Car of the Day: Nissan R34 GTR

Godzilla of the 90’s: Nissan R34 GTR.

Often noted as the “Porsche Killer” and has set standards of aftermarket tuning pinnacle for years, as such proved from manufacturers such as HKS and Mine’s.